Dec 18, 2011


                                                                                                                                                                       I know as women we love to give advice and share our opinions amongst each other. This is how we bond, connect and build sisterhood. But we must be careful to not confuse someone’s opinion with our truth. Everyone operates differently and nobody is one in the same, so be cautious when taking advice, especially when it comes to matters of the heart.
It’s easy to receive counsel from your friends instead of asking yourself those hard but truthful questions about the state of your relationship or situation. We seek validation when we aren’t confident in our decision making or ourselves. Never second guess yourself or undervalue your own feelings. If you know deep in your heart that you love your man despite his flaws, then so be it. If you want to take him back after he messed up, that is your prerogative. Or if you want to leave him, and find your happiness again, don’t wait for permission. Your friends may call you a fool (and they may or may not be right) but regardless, if that is what you want to do, then go ahead. Nobody knows you better than you know yourself. You are the only one who can satisfy your needs.
We are all on a different timeline on this journey called life. Our experiences are uniquely made for us. They will teach us important lessons that will apply to our next chapter in life. So don’t block your blessings by walking in someone else’s shoes. It’s okay to share your experiences and situations with close friends to vent and get things off your chest. But don’t rely on others to be your problem solvers or the captain of your ship. Because woman to woman, at the end of the day you just have to do what works for you.

Dec 17, 2011


She gave him a motorcycle for his birthday and now Jason Trawick has reciprocated with an even bigger gift: a diamond ring.The Hollywood agent asked for the pop star's hand in marriage in Los Angeles yesterday on his 40th birthday. 'Yes, we are engaged,' Trawick told Access Hollywood today. 

Dec 16, 2011

Letter From Santa Christmas Gift Idea

                          A Letter From Santa Personalized Gift for Kids!
Santa, Mrs. Claus and the rest of the crew up at The North Pole are making Christmas even more magical this year for good boys and girls around the world. Santa is sending letters to kids who have shown exceptionally good behavior throughout the year. A letter from Santa is a unique Christmas gift idea for kids that reassures kids that Santa won't forget about them on Christmas Eve, relieving holiday worry.

During the Christmas season make your child smile with a letter from Santa. It's a wonderful personalized gift for kids complete with your child's name, hometown, and any other details that you would like to include in your Santa Mail. Children the world over are being surprised this Christmas with personalized letters from Santa. It will make your very happy and excited when they see how wonderful they are
Have they been good enough this year? Letter from Santa is an excellent Christmas gift idea.

Mercy Johnson the Bombshell on the December 2011 cover of WOW! Magazine

After her wedding in August 2011, Mercy Johnson went off the scene for a few months and has now reemerged with a brand new look!
Now, Mercy is on the cover of the December Issue of WOW! Magazine.
What can we say, she looks fabulous!

Sanaa Lathan Is Single And Looking For...............

Sanaa Lathan chopped it up with Today’s Black Woman Style Report recently about love and career.
And in her cover feature she inadvertently reveals the fact that she is currently on the market. And this is what she wants out of a relationship…

Faithfulness, integrity, loyalty and honesty. It’s really important for me tovhave somebody who stimulates mevmentally. I love having long talks and laughing.
Sounds pretty attainable for a plain-old non-Hollywood man, no?
As for her career, Sanaa says what keeps her going is just as simple.

Now, I don’t have to keep myself motivated. I just feel so appreciative to be doing what I’m doing and to have had the level of success that I’ve had. For me, my daily practice is of gratitude and constantly putting my focus on what’s going well.
That’s code for “My bank account looks as good as I do.”

Dec 15, 2011


Here is your first look at Beyoncé on the cover of the winter issue of Jones Magazine. The issue hits stands on 12/15 in New York and nationally on 12/20.

Dec 14, 2011

Giuliana Rancic Breast Cancer: 'Doing Well' After Double Mastectomy Surgery

Giuliana Rancic, the red carpet host and television reality star, is doing "really well" after undergoing a double mastectomy and reconstructive surgery,according to husband Bill Rancic, via E! News.

According to Bill, Rancic underwent the four-hour surgery on Tuesday night but is already in better spirits. "She had a little bit of pain through the night but is feeling much better this morning and was cracking jokes," he told .


Jessica Alba Flosses That Bangin’ Mommy Baaaawdy For InStyle Australia, Admits Acting Isn’t What She Does Best

Ladies and gentlemen: we think Jessica Alba  finally watched “Honey” while she was pregnant with her last kid and realized that maybe the acting talent doesn’t match the pretty.
Because in her new interview with In Style Australia, she reveals that the last thing she’s thinking about these days is acting.

Dec 13, 2011

pretty girl rock:

New Fall/Winter 2011 Cover with a Timeless Wedding Dress by Preston Bailey

Gloves Look Check out different celebrities with Gloves looks.

                                Kourtney Kardashian

                                          Dita Von


       Olivia Moor

                                  Lady Gaga


Simu, mitandao ya kijamii, vinawatesa wengi

si kwa mtu mmoja au wawili, bila shaka utakuwa umeshashuhudia wapenzi wakitengana, wanandoa wakikosa suluhu kwa sababu ya SMS au simu. Baadhi wapo katika uhusiano wa ‘ilimradi siku zinaenda’, yaani ni mashaka tupu.

Kama si upande huo wa shilingi, basi utakuwa umeshajionea jinsi watu wanavyokosa amani mbele ya wapenzi wao. Wakizima simu muda wote au wakiishia kuwapiga marufuku wasiziguse kwa kuhofia siri zao kugundulika.

Unadhani hayo ndiyo mapenzi? La hasha! Wawili wanaopendana, ni sharti kati yao kuwe na amani, upendo, uaminifu na uhuru wa kila mmoja kwa mwenzake. Wanaowekeana mipaka, hao wamepata alama ‘F’ katika taaluma ya ‘malavidavi’.

Inawezekana hata upande huo ukawa ni mgeni kwako, lakini huu utakuwa unaujua. Ipo Kasumba ya baadhi ya watu kutunza namba za simu za wapenzi wao wa pembeni kwa majina tofauti.

Wanawake ‘kusevu’ majina ya kike, wakati wanaume wakiwaandika wenzi wao wa nje kama wanaume wenzao. Husna kuitwa Hussein, Nasra kuandikwa Nassor au Jane kama John.

Wanawake nao, Joseph kuandika Josephine, Justin kuita Justina au kumuandika Ramadhan kama Swaumu. Umenipata? Hayo ndiyo mapenzi ya kileo na balaa lililopo katika simu za mkononi.

Dunia inavyopanuka ndivyo mambo ya utandawazi yanavyoshamiri. Simu za mkononi zilitikisa lakini kwa sasa Facebook inatajwa kwa sana. Kuna watu sasa hivi wanaishi roho juu kila wakijua wapenzi wao wapo ‘online’. Kuna jamii inaanzisha uhusiano mpya kila siku.

Nikiwa online katika ukurasa wangu wiki iliyopita, kuna ndugu mmoja aliniuliza: “Luqman, hujaona jinsi Facebook inavyohamisha mapenzi. Watu wanaanzisha uhusiano mpya kila siku mtandaoni. Hali ilivyo, Facebook inapunguza kiwango cha uaminifu.”

Ni hoja inayohitaji uchambuzi wa kina. Ipo wazi kwamba Facebook inagusa mitima ya idadi kubwa ya watu. Na sipingani na mtazamo wa rafiki yangu kuwa kuna watu wanashinda mitandaoni kuwinda wapenzi badala ya kukuza mtandao wa maisha, biashara na kadhalika.

Kuna vijana wanatumia muda wao mtandaoni kusaka wanawake wakubwa ili walelewe. Lipo kundi la ‘wadada’ wanaohangaikia mabwana wa nje hususan Wazungu. Mtu ana mpenzi wake lakini anaanzisha urafiki na baadaye mapenzi baada ya ‘kuchati’ naye mara kadhaa. Maendeleo yamekuja na mambo leo!

Mario Lopez Looks Check out the different looks and styles of Mario Lopez.

Amber Rose’s New Photoshoot:

Last week Amber Rose shared some new flicks with her Twitter fam and we’re absolutely loving them. She’s certainly no longer just the ex flame of Kanye West. The Smirnoff spokesperson revealed photos that remind us why she’s our ultimate girl crush. She shows off her famous coke bottle shape with an animal print jacket and black bodysuit. And she even dons a look that’s new to her, but familiar to us. Madonna’s cone bra was all anyone could talk about in the 90s and Amber rocks it with loads of accessories and a turban. And is anyone else dying to know what Ms. Rose’s beauty routine is? Her skin’s absolutely flawless!


Miss Universe Tanzania Nelly Alexsandra Kamwelu

Dec 11, 2011

Cover Girls: Kelly Rowland Does Marie Claire UK And Gushes On An On About BeyBey’s Baby

Speaking to the magazine, Kelly said that seeing Beyonce preparing for motherhood hasn’t made her want to have a baby of her own. She said: “No. I will babysit and change a diaper or two, and then give it back. “I do want kids, but every time I think about a little person growing inside of me and getting bigger and bigger and then having to come out…
“A watermelon coming out of something the size of a lemon is insane to me.”

                         Who Had the Best Retro Hair and Red Lipstick Combination?

It's beginning to look a lot like the holidays, especially on the red carpet, with stars taking it up a few notches on the beauty front as of late. And this week, several celebrities went for retro glamour all the way. Fergie, Julianne Hough, and Amber Heard each wore Veronica Lake-style waves paired with varying tones of rich, matte red lipstick. But if you had to pick your favorite old Hollywood style, who gets your vote of approval? Top of Form
Who Had the Best Retro Hair and Red Lipstick Combination?
 Julianne Hough
 Amber Heard

                                    PICTURES OF CELEBRITIES AND THEIR FAMILIES

                                                                     Van Vicker and Family

                                                                     Ramsey Noah and Family

                                                                   Omotola and family
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