Nov 28, 2011

(On Love, I won’t be Quitting)

I ask myself if the world is real
Or is there something I can’t feel
I need to be reminded every day
That all the roads lead to the highway

I must obey the universal laws
In case I want to correct my flaws
In the eyes of God I’m perfectly perfect
But on Earth this seems to be a secret

We run around thinking we’re broken
As if the universe has been joking
We wait the day when we’re awoken
By God’s words that have yet to be spoken

We think that vision is through the eyes
And we take any stranger’s dumb advice
Yet for mistakes of the past we won’t apologize
As if Ego will die when the sun will rise

Surprise, surprise, I’m still alive
And I still can count up to number five
So I’ll count my blessings and express my loving
Cause this life, on Love, I won’t be quitting

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