Nov 17, 2011

Selena Gomez on Justin Bieber Paternity Suit: It's Been Tough

She's not talking at length on the subject, but Selena Gomezadmits the past few weeks have been difficult for her and boyfriend Justin Bieber, who's been the target of a fan's paternity lawsuit.
"What a crazy last two weeks it's been in the news," Ellen DeGeneres says to Gomez, 19, in an interview airing Thursday on her talk show. "To say the least," Gomez replies.
"It's not easy" dealing with salacious rumors, Gomez says, but she and Bieber, 17, have been managing.
"You've been all right?" DeGeneres asks. "I have been, yeah," she replies.

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The 20-year-old fan, Mariah Yeater, has reportedly dropped her lawsuit against the pop star, but is now trying to pursue her claim out of court.
Meanwhile, Gomez is happy to talk about more frivolous matters – like whether she can get Bieber topull his pants up a little bit.
"I really can't ... I've told him," she tells DeGeneres.
"What does he say when you say, 'Pull up your pants'?" Ellen asks.
Replies Gomez: "He laughs.

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