Nov 30, 2011

This ish has just gone too far.

The latest issue of Star Magazine claims the “real” reason (besides Kim being a spoiled brat who just wanted the wedding, not the goofy a$ doofus hubby that came with it) is that Kris is not into “Virginia,” and didn’t come anywhere near Kim’s precious cookie after their honeymoon. The irony in all this is that three weeks ago Star was claiming the couple made an adult video during their relationship. SMH.
Kim if this is the work of your publicist, it’s time to part ways cuz you are starting to look like a real itchbay with all these “Kris the Villain” stories. SMH.
In the meantime the Hump is also getting on with his life. US Weekly reports he’s planning to file separation papers and ask for an annulment:

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