Dec 26, 2011

Bronzer 101 How to Apply « Exude Magazine

When you think of bronzer, it usually illicit a sensation of warmth, glowing, beaches, and SUMMER. Summer is all about the bronze, ethereal glow. If you’re intrigued by bronzer but don’t know how to apply it, keep reading.

1. Always start with clean face. Dirt and oils that mix with these types of products can cause breakouts.

2. Once you’ve cleansed and moisturized your face, you can apply bronzer with or without foundation. If you use foundation, put it on prior to applying bronzer.

3. Lightly swirl a large fluffy brush around the bronzing powder. It’s always easier to start off with less bronzer and build on it if it’s not enough than to take away if you’ve applied too much.

4. Once the brush has pulled some of the product, lightly tap the brush to rid it of any extra product.

5. Make the “fish face” and lightly apply to the, now prominent, hollows of your cheeks. Blend till a natural finish is achieved. If you feel you need or want a little more, repeat the previous step and apply a little more.

6. Apply a light dusting around the perimeter of your face for added dimension and bronzed goodness

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