Dec 20, 2011

A devilish cleavage, with angelic wings!

With her gargantuan cleavage spilling out seductively of her white dress, she is far from angelic.But that hasn't stopped Amy Childs dressing up for the festive season and growing a pair of wings.The former TOWIE star has also caught the eye of Professor Green, with the I Need You Tonight rapper tweeting her to request a date after she confessed to fancying him.The Essex girl caught his eye after slipping into a delicate, yet suggestive above-the-knee dress, with diamante peep toe heels - and shrinking to adorable Tinkerbell proportions for a new! photoshoot.
However, during the interview, Amy initially said she's started seeing ex-boyfriend Joe Hurlock again.
She revealed: 'We’re back in touch and I’d be lying if I said we didn’t want to get back together. I’ve always said I wouldn’t rule it out. I think I still love him.'Yet in the next breath, the former Celebrity Big Brother contestant revealed her 'obsession' with Hackney chart-topper Green; real name Stephen Manderson.

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