Dec 16, 2011

Sanaa Lathan Is Single And Looking For...............

Sanaa Lathan chopped it up with Today’s Black Woman Style Report recently about love and career.
And in her cover feature she inadvertently reveals the fact that she is currently on the market. And this is what she wants out of a relationship…

Faithfulness, integrity, loyalty and honesty. It’s really important for me tovhave somebody who stimulates mevmentally. I love having long talks and laughing.
Sounds pretty attainable for a plain-old non-Hollywood man, no?
As for her career, Sanaa says what keeps her going is just as simple.

Now, I don’t have to keep myself motivated. I just feel so appreciative to be doing what I’m doing and to have had the level of success that I’ve had. For me, my daily practice is of gratitude and constantly putting my focus on what’s going well.
That’s code for “My bank account looks as good as I do.”

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