Jan 13, 2012

Sylvia Nduka Launches Brand Of Hair Extensions

What do you do when you’re slowly but surely building a name and a brand for yourself? You capitalize on it, and that’s just what Miss Sylvia Nduka, the lates MBGN winner has done.

Check out her own brand of Hair extensions; Sylvia’s hair. Check out photos of the Beauty queens showcasing the new product. Should be in stores soon.

                                                                      The Beauty Queens
                                                                     The Beauty Queens
                                                         MBGN Universe Sophie Gemal
                                                                   MBGN Sylvia Nduka


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  2. Nice color and design of hair extensions. Actually I like curly hair that's why I like it.

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  3. These pictures turned out great with the hair extensions and overall beauty of these girls! Good luck on launching the new line!

  4. Sylvia nduka launches brad of hair extensions. Read to know more

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