Feb 1, 2012

ChitChatter: Hairy Potter And His “Magic Wand” Aren’t Checking For Your Box If It’s Got A Brazilian

Wow… who even wanted to know that much information about Harry’s wand???

If Daniel Radcliffe bares all in his new movie Kill Your Darlings, viewers will see the 22-year-old the way God intended.“I’m comfortable with my body,” Radcliffe tells The Sun. “I’ve just been having a discussion with the guy who’s directing my new project. He said, ‘Just to let you know, if you’re taking off your clothes, no landscaping of any kind. This is the 1940s.’”

Radcliffe laughed and replied: “It’s pretty much there anyway, mate! Not a huge amount of maintenance going on.”The Harry Potter star admits he sometimes manscapes — but not for his benefit. “I mean, there’s a little bit, obviously, for courtesy,” he says.

The Woman in Black actor, who’s currently dating production assistant Rosie Coke, adds: “This is way too much information, but I don’t like girls with nothing down there either. It freaks me out. You have to have something, otherwise it’s f–king creepy.”

Who knew Daniel Radcliff had so much in common with Pimp C??? Guess he’s more pimp than fairy!

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