Feb 6, 2012

How to Wear Colored Skinny Jeans

Kimmoy writes, “I’m very happy that bright colors are in and with that colored denims are definitely the hot trend. I’ve been trying to find them online in my size for a while, but they’ve been selling out quickly. However, today I was able to find a pair in my local mall. But what exactly would I wear with them? Do I keep everything else neutral? Rock the color blocking trend? Please share some tips.”
Hey Kimmoy! Well, the answer is: all of the above. Depending on your personality (and courage), you can wear your new pants in a myriad of ways.
Check out our suggestions:
1. Colorblock it up:

We all know colorblocking is hot for fall, so take out that color wheel and match your bright jeans with a contrasting top. Though Lala’s particular look is very spring inspired, take a note from former Bombshell Stacy from New York and pair purple pants with a mustard sweater…

….or from Former Bombshell Tysha from Toronto (from the blog Shop Now Save Later) with a red blazer and bright blue jeans:

Get the look with these:
2. Pair ‘em with neutrals:

When all else fails, balance your bright denim with a neutral. Think a black blazer, white top, or a cream blouse, like Bombshell Jillian from Miami:

Work it out:
3. Make it pop with a pattern:

Leopard, stripes, florals, or polka dots, set off your jeans with a punchy print. Again,Jillian from Miami gives us a real life example of how it’s done:

Get the look with these tops:
Note: If you shy away from tops, you can always opt for a patterned shoe.
4. Denim on Denim

Along the same vein of the neutral tip, pair your hot jeans with a denim shirt. Add a bold shoe for extra flair:
Did we miss anything? How do you wear your colored skinny jeans?
*Get a pair if you don’t have one already here:

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