Mar 11, 2012

Double Take! Celebs Who Look Just Like Their Parents

Everyone has a twin and some of us don’t have to look very far to find that person. We’ve gathered together some of our favorite stars that share an uncanny resemblance to their parents. Wonder if they hear the “You look just like your mother/father” every time they’re out and about. 

Rihanna It’s not hard to tell who she took after in this picture. She is her father Ronald’s twin.

Jada Pinkett-Smith First of all, let’s just acknowledge how great Jada’s mom looks!  Whenever I see them together, I think “Awww, how cute.”  They look alike, are both petite…and have great teeth!
Chris Brown If they were walking down the block (and of course didn’t know who CB was), I think it’s safe to say that we’d know these two were related. Joyce may not have given him the height but he certainly looks like her.
Angela Simmons Go ahead, look closely. Angela is the female version of her dad, Rev. Run.  Just try to picture her with little to no hair and I guarantee if you don’t already see it, you will.
Beyonce We know Miss Tina has some very strong genes – we see it nowadays see her clearly in the faces of her grandchildren: Solange’s son, Juelz, and Bey’s daughter, Blue. But before they were born and even currently, we saw Miss Tina all in Beyonce’s face. Some days you can look at Bey and definitely have to do a double take.

Tiny I loved when Tiny & Toya had their show because we got to see Tiny’s mom almost weekly.  I never had any idea about what Tiny’s mom looked like (I always knew Tiny was biracial) so I was surprised to see they looked so much alike!

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