Jun 16, 2012

There's Something About Pink

There really is something about pink that I can't describe. It's a color with so many fabulous light and dark tones. There are soft pinks and dramatic pinks; each can be worn in so many ways. I love pink! When I was a little girl, I thought pink was the only color girls could like. I thought it was some kind of designated favorite color for little girls. I'd play around with my brother, who thought that blue was only for boys. How cute, right? So I guess I was a fashionista back then, too. But anyhow, pink is having its moment once again. Dark or "hot" pink is so chic this summer. It's a warm color, but light at the same time. It looks great on tops, trousers, accessories and makeup. It's a color with variety and boy, do I love variety.

Another great thing about this hue of pink is that it goes great with other colors. It's deep, yet bright and it's not
too, too bold. Some may think it is, but I'd have to disagree. I love this color with orange. I just bought some great ikat printed shorts from gap with this deep pink color and orange, and I'm obsessed with them. Who doesn't love a girly color that goes with so many others? Tis the season for pink. I can't think of another color having a moment like pink's moment.
Think pink.

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