Mar 19, 2013

High-Low Skirt Trends.

 Love skirts? Well, then the thing for you this season is definitely high-low skirts! These types of skirts are considered the hottest fashion trend this spring season! High-low skirts are mainly known as skirts that are short in length in the front and longer in length at the back. They’re just great for the fun and hot spring season and by wearing them, you’ll surely stand out! Now, you can find women’s high-low skirts made by many designers and brands including Betsy Johnson, BCBG, Ella Moss, etc. and they are also found in a wide range of colors, prints, and materials. When it comes to the colors that you can find, well, the options are just endless! They are made in black, white, navy, blue, pink, burgundy, yellow, pink, and so much more. But the two hottest colors that you can choose for this season are certainly turquoise and coral; two colors that are extremely eye-catching, funky, and unique! You can pair high-low skirts with bandeau tops, shirts that are tucked in, tank tops, blouses, and even denim jackets. Just make sure that the tops you choose are form fitting to match the style of the skirt.


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