Nov 16, 2011

Kourtney's Closet

"I love things with a story," says the petite 32-year-old. Some of her "little treasures" include a turquoise Chanel bag her dad bought for her mom on Rodeo Drive and 1980s door-knocker earrings inherited from her grandmother. Kourtney's latest find: a metal Viking helmet. "This one doesn't have a story, but what can I say, it was 35 bucks!"
Kourtney's Shoe Switch-Out
She may carry Binkys in a Balenciaga bag and own a gilded high chair, but motherhood has brought Kourtney a little closer down to earth. "Before Mason (Kourtney's 21-month-old son), my minimum heel requirement was 5 inches!" says the oldest of the sisters. Now that she's got a toddler to chase, her special-occasion heels have been relegated to the upper shelves, while sparkly sandals and dainty ballerina flats take center stage.

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