Dec 9, 2011

good idea or bad idea: more pie?

Left: American Pie poster (July, 1999)
Right: American Reunion poster (April, 2012)
It’s been almost 13 years since the boys made a pact to loose their virginity on prom night.
Now, the gang’s returning for their high school reunion…
One Question: Are you excited?
Sort of interested?
Or, couldn’t care less?

wishful thinking?
Blowing out candles on your birthday cake.
Getting the larger piece of a wishbone.
Fallen eyelashes.
You’re supposed to wish on all of things things.
And now Matt Singer is adding one more to the left.
But this time it’s a little more straightforward.
With the designer’s “Best Wishes” card, you can give it to your friend (or keep it for yourself).
Write your wish on one of the special pieces of paper inside, rip it out, and light it aflame- then your wish will be sent out into the universe.

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