Dec 29, 2011

Russell Brand Spotted Without His Ring – Is Marriage To Katy Perry Over?

Russell Brand and Katy Perry spent Christmas day 7,000 miles apart from each other, supposedly after an enormous fight. Sure, fights happen, but 7,000 miles? Damn. Katy went to Hawaii, while Russell stayed in Cornwall.

It’s not like there’s anything about either of them – separately or together – that’d make anyone think their marriage would last. And now it’s really looking like it won’t. When we caughtup with a super gloomy-looking Russell Brand this afternoon in London’s West End, he was walking around, constantly talking on his phone – and not wearing his wedding ring.

Our guess? He’s talking to his bros, an attorney, or a new lady. Maybe all three.
Katy was also spotted without her ring in Hawaii. According to one of Us Weekly’s sources, “‘they haven’t split up just yet, but things are not good. The fighting is getting worse.’”

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