Jan 27, 2012

Can Men Watch Reality TV in Peace?

A slew of reality shows appear on our television every day, and a lot of them cater to a woman’s incessant need to watch drama. We’ve gotBasketball WivesLove & Hip-HopBad Girls ClubReal Housewives of AtlantaJersey ShoreTeen Mom and a list of other shows that focus on love, sex, relationships, etcetera. My problem? Men, quote unquote, cannot tune into this shows without running the risk of having their manhood called into question. I chuckle at the notion. I mean, sure we’d rather a man tweet about a game of sports than Snooki’s latest drunken smush, but whatever floats your boat is cool with me. There are four male perspectives on the Jersey Shore that our men can identify with.
There’s definitely some shows that men and women can watch together, i.e., Love & Hip-Hop. Several scenarios in the storyline relate to how a man thinks, how he acts and what he says to his woman, especially with Emily B and Chrissy. Basketball Wives, on the other hand, has plenty of beautiful women that a man can, at the very least, gawk at. I’ve watch guys across my timeline get a kick out of watching the way they don’t want their women to conduct themselves in public, and it doesn’t seem like they’re being “less of a man” at all. On the contrary, it sparks some pretty good debates.
Of course, there are questionable TV spots, like Teen Mom and Bad Girls Club, that I feel a guy just might not be able to get into. You may question why he’s not watching basketball instead on that one, but I challenge us to be a bit more open-minded, ladies. I know plenty of guys who just like to stay in-the-know on television or can simply root for the males on these women-centric shows.
What do you think, Vixens? Can men finally watch reality TV shows in peace?

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