Feb 11, 2012

Color Crush [pink and red]

Pink and red aren't two colors I'd typically prefer together. But when stumbling upon the three outfits pictured below, the color pair I couldn't take my eyes off of them. Both bold, warm colors, pink and red contribute an equal amount of energy, per se, to an outfit. It's hard not to focus on both colors because they're so noticeable. I love when you can't take your eyes off of multiple aspects of a look, and this definitely occurs when you peer at pink and red.

                      Color Crush: Nautical Navy

Okay, so I think black is a bit overdone. Fall, winter, spring and summer? Doesn't black get tired of always being worn? That's why I'm letting navy step in and replace black in a few outfits for the summer. A close relative to the classic color, it's affects are the same but a little lighter on the skin. With a deep summer glow, navy may even compliment your skin better. So give your lbd a rest [yes I'm being serious] and round up all of your navy clothing. Navy is a first class ticket to nautical style!

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