Feb 9, 2012

HALLE BERRY Wants to Move to France ... WITH HER FIANCE!!

Halle Berry was not engaged to Olivier Martinez when numerous outlets reported she was back in December -- but we found out ... SHE IS NOW!!! 

You'll recall, after Halle sported a big ol' ring that Olivier Martinez gave her everyonejumped to false conclusions -- but it was NOT an engagement ring.

But we've learned Halle did become engaged to Olivier sometime after the first of the year. 

The engagement is significant because Halle is asking a judge to allow her to move to France with Olivier and 3-year-old Nahla. 

Halle wants to make the move and baby daddy Gabriel Aubryvehemently objects.

In California and most states, a judge would look at the stability of the parent's relationship and a marital relationship is far more impressive than boyfriend and girlfriend.

No word on when the two will marry, but we're told a marriage will DEFINITELY take place.

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