Feb 3, 2012

Jezreel Designs-Modern, Sexy Nigerian Fashion Accessories.

AyinkeEverything about Jezreel designs will leave you wanting more! From the sexy geometric silhouettes, fabric selections, textures to design details, it is clear the brand has a clear point of view! DON”T YOU DARE rock a Jezreel design if you will not do it in a self assured, strong, confident and sexy way.
What makes Jezreel (hebrew for “God’s plants”) designs even more appealing is the determination by founder and Creative Director Abiola Egbeyemi to add a new title to the fashion goodies coming out of Nigeria, “Nigeria, Exporter of Modern, Sexy Fashion Accessories!”
The London based Egbeyemi has always wanted to give back to her homeland. So, when she founded Jezreel Designs, she did so with the vision to create a wholly Nigerian brand that will use Nigerian fabrics in designing one-of-a-kind fashion accessories while creating opportunities for local artisans. Today, the company exports hand bags, belts, slippers, bangles and fascinators to the United Kingdom and plans to expand its market.
As Creative Director, Egbeyemi, along with her team travel to different parts of Nigeria to source for unique materials and naturally talented artisans whose skills are refined through training on production efficiency.
As Egbeyemi puts it “we strive to show the artisans that the only real difference between what they produce locally in Nigeria and that which is produced abroad is the label! They possess what it takes to compete with the best in the world.”
Yes indeed! Head on to Jezreel designs, enjoy the “Naija” touch from the music to the accessory collections and of course, shop, shop, shop!
~Elfonnie Inokon & Uduak Oduok
~Photos courtesy Jezreel Designs

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