Mar 27, 2012

Warm Weather Prints

I know, it's still March. But those sixty-something degree days we've been having are throwing me off my fashion game. Currently, I have swimsuit coverup patterns on my mind. With prints "in" this spring, it's inevitable that there will be poolside prints everywhere this spring and summer. Whether they be bright, black, solid or a mixture of all three, prints are emerging!

The temperature is beginning to rise and it's time to start planning ahead. With spring and summer styles already determined, a lot of the apparel for those seasons is hitting the racks now! Maybe you aren't planning on buying your warm weather essentials just yet, but it won't hurt to map out your potential purchases. With the print madness the fashion industry has been seeing, it's safe to say that if you're purchasing printed wraps, they won't go out of style before summer begins!

There isn't one print that's exactly like another! It makes styling your very own looks so much easier. Now, with so many different patterns, it's easy to find a color you like and then match it with a fun pattern. The trend is full of variety! Try it out and plan ahead for summer. Maybe it'll even be a little motivation to get your perfect bikini body, right?

           Shop this look: Tory Burch / Diane von Furstenberg / Tory Burch / Matthew Williamson

                                               I think I've found my 'Prints Charming...
                                                                      'xx, sweet

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