Jun 28, 2012

Shaunie O’Neal’s Booskie Caught Creepin On DM With Draya Michele ?

Draya Michele ‘Accidentally’ Tweets DM Meant For Shaunie O’Neal’s Boyfriend
BBW producer and silent spectator Shaunie O’Neal might be responsible for bringing the other girls drama to the forefront each season, but the former  Mrs. Shaq Diesel has somehow managed to keep her own personal and love life behind the scenes and off camera. But it looks like her stroll through cougar-ville with her barely-legal boo thang may have backfired this time.

Basketball Wives executive producer Shaunoie O’Neal has managed to keep her private life off the TV screen. From her relationship with ex-husband Shaquille O’Neal to her current relationship with young model Marlon Yates. Despite her best efforts however, Marlon may have put the producer in a precarious position.

Marlon and Draya Michele were having an “interesting” conversation on Twitter via DM, which she may have unknowingly tweeted and Draya was letting Marlon know that she was “mad” about something. What is even more interesting is that Marlon has deleted the tweets which seems real suspect. Check out the conversation below:

“@MarlonYatesJr lol. No I’m chillin. Impatient if anything. Never mad.”
“@MarlonYatesJr marlon I’m confused. What am I mad about?”
Marlon responds,
“I Love My Woman…..”

Draya closed displaying her sense of humor,
RT @MarlonYatesJr: I Love My Woman….#thingsamansays
Hmmm….Draya better keep her cakes to herself is she wants to keep her job.

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