Jul 16, 2012

3 Outfits From Nicki Minaj We Might Actually Consider Wearing

We know. We can’t believe we’re saying this either, but there have been a few extremely rare occasions where Nicki Minaj has actually worn something a normal person who wasn’t pretending to be a Barbie or a zombie might wear and we liked it.

Most times Ms. Minaj is all about starships and pink Fridays and reloaded romans with outrageously bright outfits, mix-match patterns, and insanely wild hair to match—or not—so we relish the one or two times when we’ve seen her at a red carpet appearance and thought, hmmm that’s actually not so bad. Now we can’t say if any of these outfits showed up on our doorstep, we’d actually rock them, but in theory they might be worth a try.

Click through to see the looks we chose.

We may have to go back to the designer and ask for more room in the cup area but this turquoise number is the cutest little corset dress we’ve ever seen and it’s hugging Nicki’s curves in all the right places. This is one time where she didn’t go overboard with her look—excluding the hair, which we’ll pass on as well—but we appreciate that she knew to keep this style simple and let the dress speak for itself.
Again we’re going to have to pass on the hair, but we sort of like this mod 60s-look Nicki had going on during an appearance on 106 & Park a few years back. The dress is simple, monotone, and figure-flattering, which we like, and though the shoes are a little different, they work to give this look some pop. If she could get back to this type of styling we might be able to rock with her more often.
We wouldn’t wear these pieces together because it’s a bit of pattern overkill, but separate they are not half bad. The pink and blue strips are very summery and feminine and we love the little bow on the front of what appears to be a halter dress. The jacket would easily work with a pair of white pants and a tank, or even jeans, while the button-down dress is totally fine by itself for a casual day look.

Have you ever thought about trying one of Nicki Minaj’s looks?

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