Jul 9, 2012

Hello, Hi-Lo Dresses

Yes, hi-lo is what you think it is. It means high and low. This summer, hi-lo dresses are super chic and super easy to shop for. First let me explain what makes this kind of dress different. We all know maxi dresses, right? If you answered no then you're definitely in the wrong place. Anyhow, a hi-lo dress is a maxi dress but shorter in the front and longer in the back. The length usually changes at an angle. It's very flattering on all body types so there are no excuses, ladies. Hi-los look great with a pair of chic platforms or wedges, and they can even look fabulous with flats. Talk about a simple and wearable trend.
Hi-los can be worn both formally and casually, it's really the shoes and accessories that will dress it up or down. They're also the perfect mix of long and short. Some people may not like full maxi dresses, so a hi-lo is kind of a "happy medium" per se between a maxi and a shorter ensemble. Personally, I love hi-los and I can't wait to wear my new one on vacation next week! I'm almost positive I'll be wearing it with my favorite pair of wedges, but I could decide to wear flats at the last minute. It's all about preference because both types of shoe will look great. Really, it's like any dress. If the shoe matches, wear it. But if it doesn't, step away! How's that for a little briefing on hi-los? They're flowy, they're fashionable and they're summer's favorite kind of dress. Hop on the style bandwagon and get one for yourself! The pictured dresses are from shopbop.com, but H&M, Forever 21, Francesca's Collections, Nordstrom and Bloomingdale's all have hi-los -- you can really find them anywhere. Start your search today, take a style risk and fall in love with this trend. Best of luck! We all have highs and lows, but we all should have hi-los.

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