Jul 9, 2012

Quiz: Which Reality Show Cast Could You Join?

It’s no secret that the ubiquitous reality shows on networks like VH1 and Bravo are infectious guilty pleasures. Most viewers watch with a satisfied detachment, understanding that most of the action and dialogue is scripted, and with a relief that the women featured aren’t us. But what if you did decide to join the cast of one of the popular reality train wrecks that gets folks going at the watercooler every morning after they air? What if the money for making a few appearances was so tempting you just couldn’t resist? Which show would be the best match for your attitudes toward life, love, and conflict?

If none of the answers seems to suit your personal attitudes or experiences, answer according to which situation you’d find most entertaining to witness first hand.
Take this quiz to find out.

1. How are you likeliest to resolve conflict?
a. Talk to a mutual “frenemy” and wait for her to instigate or mediate.
b. Make a scene while voicing your discontent. Consider throwing something.
c. Talk to your man and hope he gets involved, especially if the conflict is with his hatin’ mama.
d. Talk loudly but directly to whoever offended you. Don’t back down until you’ve made your point.
2. What’s your relationship status?
a. Single, separated or divorced, but still referring to yourself as a wife when it benefits you.
b. Engaged … or practically engaged. For five or more years.
c. Friends with benefits (whether you’re willing to admit it or not).
d. Unhappily married — or willingly participating in a marriage of convenience.
3. Which best describes your circle of friends?
a. A group of women who work very hard to appear wealthy and classy.
b. A group of women who understand what it is to compete with dozens of groupies for her man’s affections (since he’s rich and/or attractive).
c. Desperate, when it comes to matters of the heart.
d. My closest friends are relatives — especially my sister(s) and mom.
4. What kind of man would you rather date?
a. A second-string football player or a moderately successful entrepreneur.
b. A bench-riding NBA player with a better-than-average contract.
c. A past-his-prime rapper.
d. A musician or music producer.
5. If there were no real consequences, which of the following would you do if you were angry?
a. Yank off a wig or rip out a weave.
b. Throw a drink in someone’s face.
c. Threaten someone with physical violence.
d. Get loud in public and hope to draw an audience, as you read your opponent up and down.
6. If you had to choose between the following, which would you say is most important to you?
a. Real estate or social status.
b. Money or material gifts.
c. Fidelity/being “claimed” by your significant other.

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