Aug 19, 2012

Because Beige Is Boring

Modern space can really capture someone's eye, but without the right decoration, your space won't jump out at you. Currently swooning over Rice's Autumn/Winter 2012 collection, the bright colors bring out the pure white foundation of the interior space. I've always dreamed of decorating with a bohemian chic theme, but the boldness of these brights has me walking on the wild side.

...Why bright? Well Mr. Bright Bazaar says it all, because beige is boring. It's as simple as that. Dark colors can bring a dark essence to your home, while bright, bouncy hues can bring about a bubbly atmosphere.
And we can't forget about patterns and texture. These woven baskets [pictured above] have color, texture and pattern within the one simple design. It makes the table setting more interesting and the bold interior as a whole look more diverse. Instead of all flat and/or smooth accessories, the basket adds a "bump" so to speak.
The collection is quirky yet practical. The colors may be bright, but nothing about these items is strangely out of the ordinary. Think of it as a way to color block your home. It's creative and original! Could you see these pieces worked into your home?
Don't be boring... be bold!

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