Aug 19, 2012

Mellow Yellow

Do you love yellow this summer? While it can be a little bright and overwhelming, if it's thrown into an outfit with other colors, it can be just the pop you're looking for. I never thought I liked yellow until I tried on a yellow blazer at the beginning of the summer. After that, I started to add yellow to my wardrobe a little at a time. It surprisingly goes nicely with a lot of other colors: blue, black, red, orange and even light pink. Little by little, yellow can become your new favorite color.
Mellow Yellow
Diane von Furstenberg silk top, $110 / 7 For All Mankind super skinny jeans / Sam Edelman flat shoes / Marc by Marc Jacobs leather cross body handbag, $405 / DANNIJO Joanna Necklaces
One of my favorite places for yellow is mixed into a pattern. In a pattern (like in the blouse pictured) where there are neutral and dark colors, yellow can really make a splash. Then, with a solid-colored jean, the brightness is balanced out. But what about shoes? That's the easy part. Just match the shoe to the bold color, yellow in this case, and you're good to go. Don't just let yellow live in one place, spread it around your outfit! Of course, not too much. But you know what I mean. Take advantage of this bright hue before summer's over. You've got a solid month left! Ready, set, yellow.

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