Jun 25, 2012

On Point

Ballet flats are my signature style. They're simple, they make a great staple and they're easy to include in any outfit. But there's one flat I've been shying away from and I don't know why -- the pointy flat. I've made myself a little promise to try them out because they're so fabulous and there's no reason not to like them! The pointy toe is classic and feminine and now, I'm addicted.

So what do you think? The shape of this type of flat is very versatile, and like I said, it's easy to incorporate into just about any outfit. There are a lot of chic options when it comes to pointy flats, and a lot of different ways to wear them. Wear these flats to school, work or even a night out. I mean it when I say they'll go with anything. Need I do more explaining? I'll leave the rest to you.
This trend is so on point.

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